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Back to the Future with Dr. Michael Bennett – In the Shade of the Stoa: The Ancient Trade in Greek Painted Vases with Dr. Sheramy Bundrick

Back to the Future with Dr. Michael Bennett is a year-long series of lectures, gallery spotlights and intimate garden conversations centered on the MFA’s distinguished collection of antiquities. Ancient art has no expiration date; it abounds with lessons that remain relevant today. These discussions and lectures provide museum members and the public with the opportunity to become familiar with ancient Mediterranean art, upcoming exhibitions, topical subjects in the field, and to gain a deeper appreciation for ancient works in the museum’s collection.

Please visit us for one (or all) of these fascinating presentations by our noted antiquities scholar, Dr. Michael Bennett.

In Greek history, the Stoa played a pivotal role; it was the great hall in Athens where the Greek philosopher Zeno delivered the founding lectures of the Stoic School of Philosophy. Recreate that moment in time through these intimate conversations with Dr. Michael Bennett and invited guests, held in the Museum’s Membership garden during the fall and spring months.

Kicking off our Stoa series, The Ancient Trade in Greek Painted Vases, Dr. Sheramy Bundrick, professor of Art History at USFSP, and Dr. Michael Bennett will discuss the brisk ancient trade in Greek figured pottery, focusing in particular on Athenian workshops and their most lucrative customer base, the Etruscans. Cross-cultural interaction, the “business” of ancient ceramics, and the significance of archaeological context will all be considered.

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October 18, 2019

11 am–12 pm

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Museum of Fine Arts – Membership Garden

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