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Beer Project – Day 2 – Professional Local Brewer Night

Drink with purpose, and preserve a masterpiece by tapping into a one-of-a-kind evening! Since the dawn of time, drinking has provided a way for societies to determine character. Alcohol has also, through millennia, been used as a test of social literacy – a way to finesse any number of social situations with ease, grace, and good humor.

During Day 2 of our 2018 Beer Project, Dr. Michael Bennett, our Senior Curator of Early Western Art brings to life the museum’s mosaic that came from the House of the Drinking Contest (no, really) and pastimes enjoyed by ancient Greco-Romans. He will be joined by USF St Pete’s Dr. John Arthur, a renowned anthropologist specializing in the importance of beer (!) and UC-Boulder’s Professor Travis Rupp, beer historian and brewer of ancient ales.

As for the actual beer, USF St Petersburg Brewing Arts students paired with the area’s top craft brewers to create beers specifically for the 2018 Beer Project.

Participating local breweries:

Each USFSP Brewing Arts student researched our 2,500 year old mosaics, created a recipe inspired by the mosaics, and then worked with the local brewery to brew their recipe.  Come join us for small group tours of our ancient mosaics, an open-panel discussion on the anthropology of beer, and limited batch Antioch-inspired brews here for ONE-NIGHT ONLY at the MFA! Must be 21 or older to participate.

The admission price includes beer tastings, glassware, light snacks, in-depth tours of our mosaic conservation lab, presentations and conversations with Dr. Bennett and Prof. Rupp, and access to the galleries!

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July 20, 2018

6–10 pm

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Bayview Room: Museum of Fine Arts

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