Mernet Larsen

American, b. 1940

Walk on a Windy Day


Acrylic, mixed media on canvas

Gift of Michael Graham


This is representative of Larsen’s most recent work, her geometric figure paintings. Although clearly figurative, these works continue the artist’s explorations of unique perspective and a lively play with space.

Larsen began to work with these geometric, representational figures in approximately 2000, citing a desire to revisit 15th century Italian painting that placed figures within highly detailed architectural spaces. She writes of the work, “I place my figures at 45 degree angles to the canvas, so that they don’t face the viewer, are not posing or encountering. I want my characters to be impassive objects of contemplation, to embody qualities rather than to depict characters that might have independent lives beyond the painting. Their proportions and odd structures are determined by the unique situation depicted.”


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