Color Accessibility | Color Blind Glasses at the MFA

Through a partnership with EnChroma, the MFA provides accessibility for those with color vision deficiencies by offering free color-enhancing EnChroma glasses to visitors.

The MFA was the first museum in the Tampa Bay Area to prioritize color accessibility through this initiative, and EnChroma glasses have been available to all MFA visitors since March 2021. This initiative is one of many that demonstrates the MFA’s commitment to expanding accessibility for museum audiences. It provides visitors with Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) the opportunity to experience the museum’s galleries, gardens, and public programs in a new, exciting way.

CVD affects one in 12 men (8%) and one in 200 women (.5%) – an estimated 13 million in the US, 30 million in Europe, and 350 million worldwide. While people with normal color vision see over one million shades of color, the color blind only see an estimated 10% of hues and shades. To them, green and yellow, gray and pink, purple and blue, red, and brown look similar, and colors appear muted, dull, and blend together. This can cause challenges in daily life, frustrate color blind students when doing schoolwork that contains colors, and make visits to colorful attractions like museums, parks, gardens, and other destinations less enjoyable.

Color Blind Comparison at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg Color Blind Comparison at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg


To test your color vision free, take the EnChroma color blind test.

To try a pair of color blind glasses on your next visit, please see our Visitor Services staff upon arrival.

EnChroma Color Blind Glasses