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Back to the Future with Dr. Michael Bennett – Antiquities History 101: Dionysus and his World


Back to the Future with Dr. Michael Bennett is a year-long series of lectures, gallery spotlights and intimate garden conversations centered on the MFA’s distinguished collection of antiquities. Ancient art has no expiration date; it abounds with lessons that remain relevant today. These discussions and lectures provide museum members and the public with the opportunity to become familiar with ancient Mediterranean art, upcoming exhibitions, topical subjects in the field, and to gain a deeper appreciation for ancient works in the museum’s collection.

Please visit us for one (or all) of these fascinating presentations by our noted antiquities scholar, Dr. Michael Bennett. These scholarly lectures, held in the MFA’s Marly Room, are designed to introduce attendees to art historical concepts centered on antiquities.

In this lecture Dionysus and His World, we will explore one of the MFA’s newly displayed pieces, an exceedingly rare Greek bronze head of the god Dionysus, during a discussion celebrating the god of wine and the theater.


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February 20, 2020

11 am–12 pm

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