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Curator Talk with Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas

Dr. Genevieve Hill-Thomas, curator of the exhibition Multiple: Prince Twins Seven-Seven, will visit several themes in the artist’s early art of the 1970s that revolve around the multiple. As a twin, Prince’s very existence was linked to the dyad, and he worked in the artistic style of Magical Realism that blended our physical world with the spiritual otherworld, as well as his Yorùbá homeland with New England. Yet instead of forming opposed dichotomies, Prince Twin Seven-Seven offers us an inspiring visual model that blends seemingly opposite notions into a unified whole that reflects the sacred Yorùbá concept of duality, èjìwàpò.

This Curator Talk is included with museum admission.

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October 23, 2022

2–3 pm

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Marly Room: Museum of Fine Arts

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