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Mark Noll on Insects as Adornment: Friends of Decorative Arts Lecture Series:

Insects have been used in art and culture, both symbolically and physically, since ancient times. Insects, or sometimes just their wings, appeared in paintings, sculpture, textiles, and jewelry across the globe. At the same time, their bodies or wings — often brilliantly colored — have been made into jewelry or incorporated into textiles. For this talk, Mark Noll, Principal of Mark Noll Designs, will explore the history of insects as human adornment. Noll is a well-known, local artist whose environmentally-conscious brand is devoted to upcycling, and recycling items — including insects — into new, beautiful handcrafted jewelry.

Cost:  Non-FODA members can attend for $10, plus MFA admission, $10 for MFA members, and free for FODA members.

  • Coffee and cookies will be catered by Olympia. Doors for the lecture do not open until 1:45 pm. Early attendees are invited to view the gallery.
  • There will be five Friends of Decorative Arts lectures this year, from November – April (but excluding January), taking place the second Tuesday of the months.

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November 12, 2019

2–3 pm

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Museum of Fine Arts – Bayview Room

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