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Hot Gatherings, Cool Conversations: Jason Chakravarty and Jennifer Caldwell


Jason Chakravarty is a multimedia artist in Arizona, who primarily works in cast glass, often incorporating neon. His most recent objects are semi-autobiographical and reflect on relationships, communication, and social networking.

He has shown his work across the country and has presented workshops and lectures at Ohio State University, the Pilchuck Glass School, the Penland School of Crafts, and the Toledo Museum of Art. The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass named him the Artist of the Month in April 2014, and he has been featured in Glass Quarterly and American Craft Magazine. He earned his BFA, with honors, from Arizona State University and his MFA from California State University Fullerton, both in sculpture.

Jennifer Caldwell has also shown her work widely. She was recently included in the group exhibition, Into the Deep, at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. She continues to be inspired by the ocean and sea life and has focused on capturing motion in glass. She has written: “Glass is, at once, fragile and strong, beautiful and dangerous, full of movement and static.”

She received a full scholarship to study at the Pilchuck Glass School, where she later served as Professional Artist-in-Residence.  Her work has been selected for the cover of Glass Art Magazine, and she will conduct a workshop at The Glass Furnace in Istanbul in June.

Image: Jennifer Caldwell (detail).

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May 14, 2017

3–4 pm

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Bayview Room: Museum of Fine Arts

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