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Meet the Author: Ani Crane at the Museum Store

Meet the Author: Ani Crane, M.A. for a book signing of her journey through life.

“Every thought is new when an author expresses it in a manner peculiar to herself’. ‘How I Arrived Here‘ is the story of one woman’s journey from codependence to empowerment. It details the bumpy road, the starts, and stops of ‘reaching the promised land’. Through the gut wrenching process of the family break up and new beginnings for each member terrifyingly forging their way sometimes blindly forward, better days are promised. With a passion for learning and the tools of education, spiritual practice and finally learning to enjoy life’s pleasures and beauty: art, music, nature and animals…a hard-won life of self-realization and respect are achieved. You’ll cheer on this charismatic woman as she fights the valiant fight through trial and error and comes out a winner!”

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May 18, 2017

5–7 pm

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