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Mickett-Stackhouse: Irma Reflections

Mickett and Stackhouse are premiering their participatory installation, Irma Reflections in conjunction with their exhibition Confluence. Between October 7, 2017, the opening date of Confluence, and December 3, 2017, Mickett and Stackhouse will be in the gallery every Wednesday and Saturday from noon to 2 pm greeting people and talking with them about their experiences during Irma.  People will be asked to write their expression of gratitude on an image of the moon that will then be posted on the moon-painted gallery wall.  On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the day of the Full Cold Moon, Mickett and Stackhouse in conjunction with The Museum of Fine Arts will conduct a burning of the compiled moons.  The artists’ belief is that the burning will send up into the universe the combined heartfelt thanks of all those who have participated.

To learn more about Mickett-Stackhouse: Confluence, CLICK HERE


Image Credit: Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse, First Moon (detail), 2013, Acrylic on paper mounted on canvas. Courtesy of the Artists

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October 7, 2017

12–2 pm

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Collection Galleries: Museum of Fine Arts

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