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UNCHartED: Random Acts of Culture


Admission to the Museum is $5 after 5pm on Thursdays, and this event follows our Porch Party featuring a local food truck and wine and beer.

Journey into the vibrant and mysterious world of illustrator Pale Horse as he gives an in-depth presentation on his multimedia work ‘Pale Horse Lucha: The Art of Lucha Libre,’ a multidisciplinary art event that took place in St. Pete on May 5, 2015. Join us as he illuminates the creative process, shares the meaning behind the artwork and screens the HD video that captured the performance, where the forces of good and evil came to life and battled it out inside a full-sized wrestling ring.

Inspired by trips to watch authentic Lucha Libre wrestling in Mexico, his iconic illustration work for Rey Mysterio Jr. and other wrestlers in the WWE, friendships within Tampa’s highly regarded wrestling scene and, most recently, his partnership with Masked Republic, who represent dozens of luchadores in Mexico and the US, this project was years in the making for Chris Parks, the artist behind Pale Horse:

“This show is my way of paying homage to the century-old tradition of masked Mexican wrestling while integrating my love of Mexican folklore, world mythology, Eastern religions and science fiction novels to create something truly my own and allow me to experiment in new art forms.”

Integrating illustration, costume design, storytelling, video installations, original score, photography and more, Pale Horse aims to blur the lines between art and reality. The event culminates with a death-defying, high-flying, tag team Lucha Libre battle, contested in the center of the gallery. The stars of the match are the very characters conceived by Pale Horse: through these four enigmatic characters, the timeless concepts of good and evil, life and death, and the journey into the afterlife collide with the transcendental elements of time travel, psychic abilities and alternate dimensions to spawn a mystical universe.

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June 18, 2015

6–8 pm

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