Best in ShowDogs in Art at the MFA

April 1 through November 5, 2023

Harold Edgerton, Dog, 1933, Gelatin silver print, Gift of Lee Arnold and Robert Drapkin

Companion to The Story of Art series, the MFA curators (and resident dog lovers) have collaborated on an exhibition linking their disparate areas of expertise and media across time and space with a unifying theme—in this case, our beloved canine partners. Humans and canines have been co-evolving for over 30,000 years, developing a rich and complex set of relationships revealed through works of art. Working exclusively from our collection, our curators have chosen their favorite works that memorialize this special relationship.

From ancient times through contemporary times, dogs have been constant companions. They have assisted by hunting and guiding, supported through their steadfast loyalty, and amused with their energy and antics. This small focus show—drawn entirely from the MFA Collection—highlights different ways dogs have been represented throughout the history of art.

Best in Show is the first in a series of exhibitions planned for this gallery, collaboratively organized with contributions by all MFA curators.