Carrie SchneiderReading Women

November 7, 2015 through January 17, 2016

Above: Carrie Schneider, Abigail Reading Angela Davis (An Autobiography, 1974), 2014, C-print, Courtesy of Monique Meloche Gallery

A series of one hundred vignettes woven together into a thematic whole, Reading Women serves as a meditation on the inner state of the female subjects it features. Artist Carrie Schneider offers up rare moments of vulnerability that convey contentment, laughter, sorrow, as well as other, unknowable emotions. Manipulating concepts of the objectifying male gaze, pervasive in the representation of women throughout the history of art, Schneider usurps this mode of portraiture and transforms it into one of empowerment. This exhibition complements the works in Marks Made: Prints by American Women Artists from the 1960’s to the Present.