In Full BloomNetherlandish Flower Paintings and Trade

March 14 through July 26, 2020

Osias Beert (Flemish, 1580–1624), 
Still Life of Roses, Oil on oak panel, Grasset Collection

Dutch and Flemish still life flower paintings are renowned for their beauty, remarkably life-like qualities, and poignant messages about life’s fleeting pleasures. At the same time, these works reflect the extraordinary Dutch trade routes encircling the globe during the 1600s, which allowed Netherlandish gardeners to collect and grow a wide range of exotic plants. This exhibition will explore how flowers—from anemones to tulips—arrived in northern Europe and transformed the Low Countries.

The exhibition will include masterpieces by Jan Davidsz. De Heem, Nicolaes van Verendael, and Osias Beert. All of the paintings, except one, in this exhibition are on long-term loan from the Grasset Family.