Views of AntiquityShaping the Classical Ideal

February 16 through May 5, 2019

Constantine Athanassiou (attributed to), Acropolis Excavated (Kritios Boy and the Moschophororos), detail, 1886, Albumen print, Collection of William Knight Zewadski

Photo credit: St. Cate Fine Arts

Views of Antiquity examines classical antiquity from three distinct vantage points: ancient sites; iconic masterpieces in museum collections; and perspectives of modern photographers.  These three themes sum up the enduring influence of the classical tradition over time, as famous works are continuously seen and reappraised by generations of collectors, admirers, and emulators. In the process, classical art, and the very idea of “classical” can be understood in various ways.

The Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg has one of the most expansive collections of 19th-century photographs of classical sites and classical sculptures in museum collections in the southeastern United States. This exhibition draws heavily from these MFA holdings.