Siebren Versteeg

American (b. 1971)



Video with sound, 4 min. 57 sec.

Museum purchase with funds provided by Susan and Seymour Gordon and Hazel and William R. Hough


Siebren Versteeg critically engages with the distribution of images and information in our digital culture, and is known for his interventions into Internet-based archives, and for his explorations of painterly applications of computer algorithms.

In its display of hands working with a mortar and pestle, Inevitable functions as an exposition of digital labor, and also provides an examination of the quickly changing technologies of digital presentation. The video begins with an abstract image of only a few discernible pixels, and moves from low resolution to high definition as the picture comes sharply into focus. The image then begins to split into multiples, seemingly infinitely, so that each image ultimately becomes so tiny it is pixel-size in itself, bringing the video full-circle.

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