Carl Stock

German, (1876–1945)

Jugendstil Centerpiece


Silver, glass, and amethyst

Gift of the Collectors Circle


Carl Stock was one of Bruckmann & Sons major designers, winning numerous international awards for his designs. A similar centerpiece, which has never been located, was exhibited at the 1910 World’s Fair in Brussels, where Stock won a Gold medal for his work.

The name Jungendstil, or youth style, comes from the magazine, Die Jugend (The Youth), which appeared in Munich in 1896 as a forum for avant-garde artists and writers. This publication gave the German brand of Art Nouveau its name. Often borrowing motifs from nature, Art Nouveau melded material, form, and function. Here the amethyst stones are splendidly integrated into the hand-hammered form of the piece.

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