Guillaume Voiriot

French (1713–1799)

Portrait of Monsieur Gilbert Desvoisins, Councillor of State in Ordinary


Oil on canvas

Museum purchase with funds donated in honor of Michael Milkovich


This portrait’s setting with its splendid, lacquered desk and chinoiserie ink wells in ormolu mounts, with a pile of papers, and elegant costume suggests a man of wealth and intellect. They also exemplify Voiriot’s superb craftsmanship. The artist’s direct involvement with his subject distinguishes great eighteenth-century French portraiture. DesVoisins de Lavernière was Voiriot’s most consistent patron in the 1760s. A review of the 1761 Salon describes this painting as a “faithful and exact image.” We may imagine from his open and relaxed pose that he was an engaging and intelligent friend to the artist.

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