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Artist Demonstration: Mariam Paré

Mariam Paré has pursued art from childhood, but her creative journey was tragically diverted after being a victim of random gun violence at the age of 20.  The bullet penetrated her spine and rendered her a quadriplegic.  Through occupational and art therapy, she learned how to control first a pencil and then a paintbrush using her mouth.  In 2006, she found a supportive community – the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (MFPA) – and became a member.  Art has been her salvation.

In 2014, actor Pierce Brosnan learned of her work and Ms. Paré painted his portrait as James Bond.  She has also produced portraits of disabled artists like Frida Kahlo and Chuck Close.  She will demonstrate her talent at the MFA and will share information on MFPA, which has played such a large role in her life.  Visit her website, www.mariampare.com, to learn more.

Demonstration is FREE, regular admission to the rest of the Museum.

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October 23, 2015

11 am–2 pm

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