Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why does the Museum ask visitors not to touch the art?
Works of art are fragile and can be damaged by even the slightest touch. The oils in our skin and the moisture on our fingers can harm works of art. Please help us preserve the objects in our collection for visitors to enjoy for generations to come.

2. What is your photography policy?
Visitors are welcome to take pictures in the MFA Collection galleries without a flash. For traveling exhibitions, check with admissions and listed signage. Tripods, monopods, selfie sticks, and the use of a flash are not permitted. Formal, professional, and/or commercial-use photography and audio/video recording inside the Museum or on the MFA Campus must be requested and approved in writing by the MFA, is subject to availability, and incurs additional fees. Fees for formal, professional, and/or commercial-use photography and audio/video recording are $500 for a maximum of 2 hours. Formal, professional, and/or commercial-use photography and audio/video recording includes but is not limited to, bridal portraits, engagement photos, senior/graduation photos, family photos, photography portfolios, etc. Formal, professional, and/or commercial-use photography and audio/video recording are not permitted in special exhibition gallery spaces under any circumstances. If you are interested in professional or marketing photography, please contact the Marketing department by sending a message to us.

3. I have a work of art that I would like to donate/sell/send to the museum. How do I do this?
The MFA collection continues to grow thanks to the generosity of individuals and organizations that support the MFA in this way.

Our donation process begins by sending a message or letter stating your intention. Provide as much information as you can about the artist, title, date, and history of ownership, as well as a clear photograph of the artwork. Please contact us or send mail to the Curatorial Department, 255 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

4. Someone from my family has donated an object to the museum. Is it available for viewing?
Please send us a message, and we will let you know if your donation is currently on view.

5. I have a work of art for which I would like more information. Can I bring it in?
We are not able to accept requests for art research. See options for authentication and appraisals below. Please do not bring your artwork to the MFA, as art is most vulnerable when it is in transit!

6. How much is my artwork worth?
We are unable to provide appraisals, valuations, or authenticate art. Start your search for an accredited appraiser on one of these websites:
Art Dealers of America |
International Society of Appraisers |
Appraisers Association of America |
American Society of Appraisers |

7. Where can I get my artwork repaired/restored?
Many organizations can help you find qualified conservators in your area of the country. Start your search at one of these websites:
American Institute for Conservation |
ICA Art Conservation |

8. Can I sketch in the gallery?
We love to see artwork being created in the Museum! You can sketch in the galleries using lead pencils; however, pens and paints are not permitted. Make sure to bring a lapboard or clipboard, as floors, walls, or pedestals cannot be used as support when sketching. Sketching inspires us, regardless of age or ability, to slow down, look carefully, and connect with works of art. It allows us time to see more and experience works of art through a different lens.

9. How do I reproduce a work of art for a paper/publication/media?
Please request a Rights & Reproductions form by sending us a message.

10. Does the Museum offer tours?
Yes! Docent-led public tours take place every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Docents are also available in the galleries most weekend mornings and weekday afternoons. Check with a member of our Visitor Services team to see if a docent is available during your visit. To schedule a guided group or school tour, call our Visitor Services team at 727-896-2667 or send us a message.

11. Can I host a private event at the MFA?
Absolutely! You can learn about our event spaces and submit a rental request here.