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Mickett-Stackhouse: Irma Reflections – A Celebratory Burning of Collective Thanks

Since October 7th, collaborative artists Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse have been conducting the participatory installation Irma Reflections as part of their exhibition Confluence, currently on view in the Lee Malone Gallery.

Inspired by both the fear and camaraderie that came with Hurricane Irma, the artists have created a Full Moon of Thanks, comprised of stories from gallery visitors. Mickett states, “The hurricane changed how we were thinking about our lives, and we suspected other people were experiencing the same thing. Out of this consideration came Irma Reflections: a space in which people’s experiences during the hurricane could be acknowledged and honored. We decided that instead of focusing on the fear or damage from the storm, we would ask visitors to communicate their positive experiences, writing thanks to the one or many who provided them with support or assistance during Irma. Those are the moments we all want to remember.”

On Sunday, December 3, 2017, the day of the Full Cold Moon, Mickett and Stackhouse in conjunction with The Museum of Fine Arts will conduct a burning of the compiled moons. The artists’ belief is that the burning will send up into the universe the combined heartfelt thanks of all those who have participated. Please join us on the front steps of the Museum directly on Beach Drive!

Event Details

December 3, 2017

6–7 pm

Front Porch: Museum of Fine Arts

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