Tag: Couples

13 works of art
  • Burk Uzzle

    Couple At Woodstock

  • Anonymous

    The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

  • Anonymous

    Joined Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple: Male with Club and Bowl, Female with Child

  • Anonymous

    Male and Female Figures with Raised Hands

  • Anonymous

    Large Standing Shaman and Female Companion

  • François Bonvin

    Reading the News and Darning

  • Louis Silvestre, The Younger

    Thetis at the Forge of Vulcan (Venus at the Forge of Vulcan)

  • Master Of The Greenville Tondo

    Adoration of the Christ Child by Mary and Joseph

  • Hendrick de Clerck

    Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan

  • Follower of Gerard Terborch

    The Drinking Party

  • Samuel Lovett Waldo

    Portrait of Abigail Avery and William Lawrence Van Zandt

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