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98 works of art
  • Bill Traylor


  • Nellie Mae Rowe

    Rolling Tree Mule

  • George Lowe

    The Road to the Zobanian Consulate


    Three Figures

  • Dilmus Hall

    Mary, Christ, and Joseph on Their Journey to Bethlehem

  • Thornton Dial


  • Mernet Larsen


  • Mernet Larsen


  • James Weeks


  • Alfred Thompson Bricher

    Along the Coast

  • Hélène Sardeau


  • Virginia Cuthbert

    Inner City Industrial Scene

  • Richard Edward (Emil) Miller

    Woman Sitting at a Table

  • Red Grooms

    Kids Watching Me Paint

  • Red Grooms

    De Kooning Breaks Through

  • Daniel Ridgway Knight

    Brittany Girl Fishing

  • Richard Ritter

    Mandala Series #21

  • Michael Glancy

    Stiletto Fusion

  • Sally Rogers


  • Mernet Larsen

    Measuring Itself

  • Perle Fine

    Globe Trottin’ Blue

  • Asher B. Durand

    View of the Catskills Near Shandaken

  • Willard Leroy Metcalf

    The Mountain

  • Diego Romero

    Broke Car Landscape

  • Zella Cheeda

    Jar with Lid

  • María Poveka Martínez

    Large Platter with Roadrunner

  • Anonymous

    Zuni Water Jar with Deer Motif

  • María Poveka Martínez

    Two Matching Lamps

  • Eleanor B. Heller

    Guardian of the Myth

  • Siebren Versteeg


  • Peter Sarkisian

    Extruded Video Engine II

  • Generic Art Solutions

    Caesar and Caligula

  • Michael Bell-Smith

    Waves Clock

  • Albert Wein

    Horizons (New Horizons)

  • Squire J. Vickers

    Cottage with Tunnel

  • Squire J. Vickers

    Cityscape with Sun

  • John Sloan

    Cliff Dwellers’ Country

  • Georgia O'Keeffe

    New York – Night (Madison Avenue)

  • Georgia O'Keeffe


  • Georgia O'Keeffe

    Grey Hills Painted Red, New Mexico

  • Fletcher Martin

    The Undefeated

  • George Luks

    The Musician

  • Leon Kroll

    City Window Series: Still Life with Fruit

  • Carl Holty


  • Robert Henri

    Village Girl–Lily Cow

  • Guy Wiggins

    A Walk in the Park

  • Leo Friedlander

    Mother and Infant Hercules

  • Joey Kirkpatrick and Flora Mace

    Zanfirico Apple

  • Guy Pène du Bois

    Café Madrid (Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dale)

  • Randall Davey

    Portrait of Paul Robeson (1898–1976)

  • Jay Hall Connaway


  • George Bellows

    Silver Day

  • Irving R. Wiles

    Summer Yard

  • Thomas Worthington Whittredge

    Landscape with Woman Carrying Washing Towards the River

  • Elihu Vedder

    Sunset (The Temptation of St. Anthony)

  • John Henry Twachtman

    Venice (Veneto Landscape)

  • Theodore Robinson

    Capri and Mount Solaro

  • John Frederick Peto

    Still Life: Evening at Home

  • Thomas Moran

    Florida Landscape (Saint Johns River)

  • Addison Thomas Millar

    The Choice Rug

  • Frederick MacMonnies

    Young Faun and Heron

  • George Inness

    Early Moonrise, Florida

  • Thomas Hovenden

    Breton Soldier

  • Edward Lamson Henry

    A Chat After Meeting

  • Childe Hassam

    The “Home, Sweet Home” Cottage, East Hampton, Long Island

  • Walter Gay

    A Louis XV Interior

  • Victor Dubreuil

    Barrels of Money

  • William Crowley


  • Amir I. M. Nour

    Horned Gate

  • William Anderson Coffin

    Evening in Grez, France

  • Alfred Thompson Bricher

    Low Tide, Manomet, Massachusetts

  • John Leslie Breck

    Evening in Giverny

  • Ralph Albert Blakelock

    Untitled (Moonlight)

  • James Henry Beard

    The Circus Announcement

  • Edward Mitchell Bannister

    The Dreamer

  • Herbert Adams

    The Orchid (Portrait of Mary Shepard Greene)

  • Theo Wujcik

    Canto II

  • Bob Thompson


  • Ludwig Sander

    Seneca VII

  • Mary L. Proctor

    Dancing On The Street Pave [Sic] In Gold

  • Philip Pearlstein

    Model On Bamboo Lounge With Artist Mannequin

  • Michael Goldberg


  • Lee Gatch

    Strata Tree

  • Jimmy Ernst

    Sea Of Grass—Sunset

  • Enrico Donati

    Angkor Wat

  • Robert De Niro, Sr.

    Female Nude

  • Gene Davis

    Black Watch

  • Samuel Lovett Waldo

    Portrait of Abigail Avery and William Lawrence Van Zandt

  • Joseph Mozier


  • Edward Moran

    Fishing Village, New York Harbor

  • David Johnson

    View of Jackson, New Hampshire

  • John Wesley Jarvis

    Portrait of General Persifor Smith

  • Jasper Francis Cropsey

    Temple of the Sibyl, Tivoli

  • Joseph Goodhue Chandler

    Portrait Of Frederick Eugene Bennett, August 19, 1849 And Portrait Of Mary Elizabeth Bennett, Age 2, March 18, 1852

  • Mernet Larsen

    Walk on a Windy Day

  • Willem de Kooning


  • Dorothy Dehner


  • Norman Bluhm


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