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48 works of art
  • Royal Vienna


  • Wedgwood & Bentley


  • Wedgwood, Daisy Makeig-jones, Designer

    Large Dragon Lustre Bowl

  • Wedgwood, Daisy Makeig-jones, Designer

    Fairyland Lustre Vase

  • Wedgwood, Daisy Makeig-jones, Designer

    Fairyland Lustre Plate

  • Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacturing Company Of Pécs

    Frog Vase

  • Anonymous

    Worcester Royal Porcelain Vase

  • Savona Faience

    Pair of Covered Jars

  • Anonymous

    Bottle Vase

  • Kutani ware


  • Anonymous

    Celadon Bowl

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Mayan Death Mask Depicting the Sun God

  • Anonymous

    Large Plate with Crocodile Symbols

  • Anonymous

    Mayan Quiche Ladle and Incensario

  • Anonymous

    Joined Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Standing Shaman

  • Anonymous

    Seated Warrior/Guardian with Helmet and Armor

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple: Male with Club and Bowl, Female with Child

  • Anonymous

    Male and Female Figures with Raised Hands

  • Anonymous

    Standing Female Figure with Wrap-around Skirt

  • Anonymous

    Standing Dog

  • Anonymous

    Large Standing Shaman and Female Companion

  • Diego Romero

    Broke Car Landscape

  • Zella Cheeda

    Jar with Lid

  • María Poveka Martínez

    Large Platter with Roadrunner

  • Anonymous

    Zuni Water Jar with Deer Motif

  • María Poveka Martínez

    Two Matching Lamps

  • Anonymous

    Tonto Polychrome Jar with Feathered Serpent Motif

  • Anonymous

    Seated Shaman with Shell Necklace and Horn on Head

  • Haifa Painter

    Pair of Red Figure Column Kraters

  • Nagae Shigekazu

    Forms in Succession #13

  • Anonymous

    Meiping Vase

  • Eleanor B. Heller

    Guardian of the Myth

  • Jean Barol

    Moth Vase

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The Building Of The Ark

  • Attributed to the Reed Painter

    White-Ground Lekythos With Mourners at a Tomb

  • The Aphrodite Painter

    Red Figure Krater (Wine Mixing Vessel)

  • Attributed to the Circle of the Iliupersis Painter

    Red Figure Hydria (Vessel For Water)

  • Anonymous

    Red Figure Column Krater

  • Attributed to the Painter of Copenhagen 4223

    Naiskos Hydria (Funerary Water Pitcher)

  • Attributed to the Group of the Trieste Askoi

    Large Skyphos

  • Attributed to the Leagros Group

    Black Figure Neck Amphora

  • Asteas

    Red Figure Krater (Mixing Bowl) With Comic Actor

  • Kimiyo Mishima


  • Jun Kaneko


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