Tag: Animals

33 works of art
  • Bill Traylor


  • Nellie Mae Rowe

    Rolling Tree Mule

  • James Weeks


  • Kano Tangeisai (Kano School)

    Two-Panel Byobu (folding screen)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Pastille Burner

  • Anonymous

    Deer Rattle

  • Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacturing Company Of Pécs

    Frog Vase

  • Pieter Duyfhuysen

    Portrait of a Young Woman

  • Anonymous


  • Hashimoto Kansetsu


  • Anonymous

    Cranes in a Landscape

  • Anonymous

    Hanuman the Monkey-Headed God

  • Anonymous

    Palden Lhamo, Protector of the Dalai Lama

  • Anonymous

    Female Figure with Chicken

  • Anonymous

    Elephant Mask

  • Anonymous

    Avian Pendant

  • Anonymous

    Large Plate with Crocodile Symbols

  • Anonymous

    Standing Dog

  • Zella Cheeda

    Jar with Lid

  • María Poveka Martínez

    Large Platter with Roadrunner

  • Anonymous

    Zuni Water Jar with Deer Motif

  • Painter of Copenhagen 4223

    Red Figure Volute Krater

  • Charles Jacque

    Shepherd and His Flock

  • Jean Barol

    Moth Vase

  • Anonymous


  • John Tapley and Hunt and Roskell

    Triton’s Shell Bowl

  • William Shayer, The Elder

    Harbor Scene on the South Coast

  • Frederick MacMonnies

    Young Faun and Heron

  • Anonymous

    Standing Horse

  • Anonymous


  • James Henry Beard

    The Circus Announcement

  • Joseph Goodhue Chandler

    Portrait Of Frederick Eugene Bennett, August 19, 1849 And Portrait Of Mary Elizabeth Bennett, Age 2, March 18, 1852

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