Tag: Seventeenth Century

17 works of art
  • Anonymous

    The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

  • Anonymous

    Deer Rattle

  • Pieter Duyfhuysen

    Portrait of a Young Woman

  • Anonymous

    Cranes in a Landscape

  • Anonymous

    Jaina (or Jain) Shrine

  • Anonymous

    Papelera on Puente Stand

  • Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

    Adoration of the Shepherds

  • Michiel van Mierevelt

    Portrait of a Lady

  • Jan Brueghel The Younger

    Still Life with Flowers

  • Hendrick de Clerck

    Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan

  • Gillis van Tilborgh

    The Interior of a School Room

  • Follower of Gerard Terborch

    The Drinking Party

  • Fabrizio Santafede

    The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine

  • Edward Colyer


  • Abraham Bloemaert

    Christ and the Samaritan Woman

  • Tosa Mitsuoki

    The Poetesse Yoshitomo No Shibo

  • Anonymous

    Scenes From The Tale of Genji

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