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66 works of art
  • Paul-Albert Besnard

    Study of a Woman’s Face


    Three Figures

  • Thornton Dial


  • James Weeks


  • Léon Augustin Lhermitte

    Women Washing in a Stream

  • Richard Edward (Emil) Miller

    Woman Sitting at a Table

  • Daniel Ridgway Knight

    Brittany Girl Fishing

  • Gertrude Käsebier

    The Manger

  • Anonymous

    Staff Finial

  • Anonymous

    Young Lady from Mexico City

  • Herbert List

    Flirt with Borghese Hercules, Naples

  • Herb Snitzer

    Nina Laughs

  • Burk Uzzle

    Couple At Woodstock

  • Alfred Stieglitz

    The Steerage

  • Edward Steichen

    Gloria Swanson

  • Anonymous

    The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

  • Pieter Duyfhuysen

    Portrait of a Young Woman

  • Anonymous

    Two Female Attendants and Ganesha

  • Anonymous

    Two-faced Standing Female Figure

  • Anonymous

    Female Figure with Chicken

  • Elisabeth Vigée-lebrun

    Julie as Flora, Roman Goddess Of Flowers

  • Anonymous

    Joined Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple: Male with Club and Bowl, Female with Child

  • Anonymous

    Male and Female Figures with Raised Hands

  • Anonymous

    Standing Female Figure with Wrap-around Skirt

  • Anonymous

    Large Standing Shaman and Female Companion

  • Alfred Stevens

    Woman By the Sea, Le Puys

  • Auguste Rodin


  • Berthe Morisot

    Reading (La Lecture)

  • Jules-Joseph Lefebvre

    Julia Foster Ward

  • Paul César Helleu

    Portrait of a Lady

  • Eugène Louis Boudin

    Laundresses on the Shore of La Touques

  • François Bonvin

    Reading the News and Darning

  • Jacques-Emile Blanche


  • Libero Andreotti

    Violin Player

  • Agathon Léonard

    Le jeu de l’écharpe

  • Carle van Loo

    Apollo and the Cumaen Sibyl

  • Louis Silvestre, The Younger

    Thetis at the Forge of Vulcan (Venus at the Forge of Vulcan)

  • Louis Silvestre, The Younger

    Perseus Rescuing Andromeda from the Sea Monster

  • Richard Hall

    Gathering at Church Entrance

  • John Opie

    The Fortune Teller

  • Attributed to Angelica Kauffman

    Jupiter and Callisto

  • Anonymous

    Shiva and Parvati (Uma-maheshvara)

  • Anonymous

    Female Attendant

  • Attributed to Marco Palmezzano

    Presentation of Christ in the Temple

  • Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

    Adoration of the Shepherds

  • Michiel van Mierevelt

    Portrait of a Lady

  • Master Of The Greenville Tondo

    Adoration of the Christ Child by Mary and Joseph

  • Hendrick de Clerck

    Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan

  • Albert Wein

    Horizons (New Horizons)

  • Follower of Gerard Terborch

    The Drinking Party

  • Fabrizio Santafede

    The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine

  • Abraham Bloemaert

    Christ and the Samaritan Woman

  • Leo Friedlander

    Mother and Infant Hercules

  • Guy Pène du Bois

    Café Madrid (Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dale)

  • Anonymous

    Statue of Aphrodite

  • Anonymous

    Image of the Goddess Isis

  • Anonymous

    Gravestone of Hadyneika

  • Thomas Worthington Whittredge

    Landscape with Woman Carrying Washing Towards the River

  • Anonymous

    Cycladic Idol

  • Herbert Adams

    The Orchid (Portrait of Mary Shepard Greene)

  • Philip Pearlstein

    Model On Bamboo Lounge With Artist Mannequin

  • Robert De Niro, Sr.

    Female Nude

  • Samuel Lovett Waldo

    Portrait of Abigail Avery and William Lawrence Van Zandt

  • Joseph Mozier


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