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17 works of art
  • Antonio Beato

    Mortuary Temple of Ramses II, Western Thebes

  • Painter of Copenhagen 4223

    Red Figure Volute Krater

  • Haifa Painter

    Pair of Red Figure Column Kraters

  • Attributed to the Reed Painter

    White-ground Lekythos With Mourners at a Tomb

  • Anonymous

    Statue of Aphrodite

  • The Aphrodite Painter

    Red-figure Krater (Wine Mixing Vessel)

  • Attributed to the Circle of the Iliupersis Painter

    Red Figure Hydria (Vessel For Water)

  • Anonymous

    Red Figure Column Krater

  • Anonymous

    Portrait of Augustus, First Emperor of Rome

  • Attributed to the Painter of Copenhagen 4223

    Naiskos Hydria (Funerary Water Pitcher)

  • Anonymous

    Mummy Mask

  • Attributed to the Group of the Trieste Askoi

    Large Skyphos

  • Anonymous

    Image of the Goddess Isis

  • Anonymous

    Gravestone of Hadyneika

  • Anonymous

    Cycladic Idol

  • Attributed to the Leagros Group

    Black-figure Neck Amphora

  • Asteas

    Red-figure Krater (Mixing Bowl) With Comic Actor

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