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53 works of art

    Three Figures

  • Hélène Sardeau


  • Red Grooms

    De Kooning Breaks Through

  • Anonymous

    Staff Finial

  • Herbert List

    Flirt with Borghese Hercules, Naples

  • Burk Uzzle

    Couple At Woodstock

  • Alfred Stieglitz

    The Steerage

  • Anonymous

    The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

  • Lamidi O. Fakeye

    Figure of a Man, Figure of a Bearded Man

  • Anonymous

    Joined Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple

  • Anonymous

    Seated Warrior/Guardian with Helmet and Armor

  • Anonymous

    Seated Couple: Male with Club and Bowl, Female with Child

  • Anonymous

    Male and Female Figures with Raised Hands

  • Anonymous

    Large Standing Shaman and Female Companion

  • Generic Art Solutions

    Caesar and Caligula

  • Gino Severini

    The Clown Painter

  • Jean-François Raffaëlli

    L’homme aux Deux Pains (Man with Two Loaves of Bread)

  • Constantin Meunier

    The Mower

  • Charles Jacque

    Shepherd and His Flock

  • Jean Hélion

    Portrait of Jacques Lusseyran

  • François Bonvin

    Reading the News and Darning

  • Carle van Loo

    Apollo and the Cumaen Sibyl

  • Louis Silvestre, The Younger

    Thetis at the Forge of Vulcan (Venus at the Forge of Vulcan)

  • Louis Silvestre, The Younger

    Perseus Rescuing Andromeda from the Sea Monster

  • Guillaume Voiriot

    Portrait of Monsieur Gilbert Desvoisins, Councillor of State in Ordinary

  • George Romney

    Major Archibald Robertson of Lawers

  • Sir Henry Raeburn

    Major General Alexander Campbell of Monzie

  • After Joseph Chinard

    Napoleon as First Consul

  • Anonymous

    Walking Buddha

  • Anonymous

    Vishnu, the Preserver, with his Consorts, Lakshmi and Sarasvati

  • Anonymous

    Three Male Shaivite Attendants with Nandi

  • Anonymous

    Shiva as the Lord of Dance (Nataraja)

  • Anonymous

    Shiva and Parvati (Uma-maheshvara)

  • Anonymous

    Seated Figure of Buddha

  • Anonymous

    Seated Buddha Sakyamuni

  • Anonymous

    Amitabha Buddha, The Buddha Of Ultimate Bliss

  • Anonymous

    The Building Of The Ark

  • Attributed to Marco Palmezzano

    Presentation of Christ in the Temple

  • Bartolomé Esteban Murillo

    Adoration of the Shepherds

  • Master Of The Greenville Tondo

    Adoration of the Christ Child by Mary and Joseph

  • Hendrick de Clerck

    Mars and Venus Surprised by Vulcan

  • Follower of Gerard Terborch

    The Drinking Party

  • Conrad Faber von Creuznach

    Albanus Wolfhart of Lindau

  • Abraham Bloemaert

    Christ and the Samaritan Woman

  • Fletcher Martin

    The Undefeated

  • George Luks

    The Musician

  • Guy Pène du Bois

    Café Madrid (Mr. and Mrs. Chester Dale)

  • Randall Davey

    Portrait of Paul Robeson (1898–1976)

  • Anonymous

    Portrait of Augustus, First Emperor of Rome

  • Thomas Hovenden

    Breton Soldier

  • Samuel Lovett Waldo

    Portrait of Abigail Avery and William Lawrence Van Zandt

  • John Wesley Jarvis

    Portrait of General Persifor Smith

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