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38 works of art
  • Léon Augustin Lhermitte

    Women Washing in a Stream

  • Alfred Thompson Bricher

    Along the Coast

  • Stephen Shore

    Beverly Blvd and La Brea Boulevard, Los Angeles

  • Alvin Langdon Coburn

    St. Paul’s From the River

  • Asher B. Durand

    View of the Catskills Near Shandaken

  • Willard Leroy Metcalf

    The Mountain

  • Wilhelm Morgner

    Untitled (#50)

  • Claude Monet

    Houses of Parliament: Effect of Fog, London

  • Johan Barthold Jongkind

    The Schie Near Rotterdam

  • Alexei von Jawlensky

    Wasserburg on the Inn (Melancholy in the Evening)

  • Charles Jacque

    Shepherd and His Flock

  • Camille Corot

    Three Bathers Near a Wooded Point

  • Eugène Louis Boudin

    Laundresses on the Shore of La Touques

  • William Shayer, The Elder

    Harbor Scene on the South Coast

  • Hubert Robert

    A Fountain in the Park

  • Anonymous

    Returning Home

  • Squire J. Vickers

    Cottage with Tunnel

  • John Sloan

    Cliff Dwellers’ Country

  • Georgia O'Keeffe

    Grey Hills Painted Red, New Mexico

  • George Bellows

    Silver Day

  • Irving R. Wiles

    Summer Yard

  • Thomas Worthington Whittredge

    Landscape with Woman Carrying Washing Towards the River

  • Elihu Vedder

    Sunset (The Temptation of St. Anthony)

  • John Henry Twachtman

    Venice (Veneto Landscape)

  • Theodore Robinson

    Capri and Mount Solaro

  • Thomas Moran

    Florida Landscape (Saint Johns River)

  • George Inness

    Early Moonrise, Florida

  • Childe Hassam

    The “Home, Sweet Home” Cottage, East Hampton, Long Island

  • William Anderson Coffin

    Evening in Grez, France

  • Alfred Thompson Bricher

    Low Tide, Manomet, Massachusetts

  • John Leslie Breck

    Evening in Giverny

  • Ralph Albert Blakelock

    Untitled (Moonlight)

  • Jimmy Ernst

    Sea Of Grass—Sunset

  • David Johnson

    View of Jackson, New Hampshire

  • Eugène Isabey

    Fishing Village

  • William Huggins

    Haddon Hall

  • Attributed to Victor De Grailly

    View of West Point With Monument of Kosciuszko

  • Jasper Francis Cropsey

    Temple of the Sibyl, Tivoli

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